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Daily content for Today's Inspiration and Shopping Spotlight surfaces across a wide range of verticals — approximately 1,500 pieces of content from Pride month through the holiday season.

Paid Social Ads

Various versions of these Pinterest user-retention ads ran on Facebook and Instagram in November of 2022.

a dog and woman celebrating a birthday with cake and confetti, captioned "With Pinterest, celebrations are a piece of cake. Make every birthday special."
man in snowy environment with a tripod and camera, the sky is full of Aurora Borealis lights, captioned "Find your focus on Pinterest. The perfect photo op(portunity)."
wall of yarn craft supplies captioned "For those who live creatively, discover your next DIY on Pinterest. Bring your ideas to life."
man crafting a clay pot with his hands "Everything you can imagine to make it happen. Don't wait, create."

Monthly Trend Decks for U.S. Creators

Copy supporting the Creator Management team's efforts to provide Pinners with the trends of tomorrow, using off-platform trends and a knowledge of media and pop culture to forecast what will be the next big thing on Pinterest.

Summertime and the style’s easy  On the beach and in the streets, this season’s looks are giving light and breezy. Throw on some sandals and a cute backpack for an effortless style from head to toe. However you’re mixing up your wardrobe, show (and do tell) us how it’s done. ● Beach styles ● Summer sandals ● Light and breezy looks ● Back to school outfits
Travel is always a good idea  Adventure awaits! Take the destination listicle offline and show us how travel is done. Everyone’s catching flights and setting their sights on new adventures, from Yosemite to Santorini. Where will you take us next? ● National parks ● Mediterranean escapes ● Summer camps ● Road trips
Warm comforts  'Tis the season for slow-cookers, apple pie and sipping on delicious chai. Bring on the fall flavors with fresh new recipes and all the savory dishes we know and love. Whatever it is you're mixing up this season, we'll take a mug-full and a slice...or two. ● Harvest season recipes ● Bread baking ● Seasonal snacks ● Creative crumble recipes

Social Media Copy

A few shares on Pinterest's LinkedIn and Twitter profiles featuring copy from (and links to) Today's Inspiration.

person holding phone with Pinterest on the screen