UI/UX Design

Duolingo Concept for Nintendo Switch

Google UX Design Certification project (mockups and working prototype) using Figma

What if Duolingo, the beloved language learning app known for its addictive gamification, was reimagined for the Nintendo Switch? As a user with a 1,000+ day Spanish streak, I wanted to challenge myself as I leveled up another skill set: user-centered design.

Futurama-Inspired E-Commerce Site

Concept and all included graphics designed in Figma and some Photoshop

After completing the Google UX Design program, I brought to life an e-commerce site concept for Mom's Friendly Robot Company from the show Futurama. This project was inspired by the animated charm and sci-fi concepts of the 31st century while applying real-world, current day UX principles.

Turning the Page on Mobile-First Experiences

Concept designed in Figma

As part of the Google UX Design certification program, I created BetterReads — a mobile-first application and a fresh take on sites like GoodReads, a hub where users can discover new books, share their thoughts, explore recommendations, and connect with fellow readers.

A Green Thumb for Responsive Design

Concept designed in Figma

Growtential is an immersive hub for plant enthusiasts of all levels. This responsive learning platform concept was focused on responsive design and the various aspects of a content-heavy website with blogs, workshops, user accounts, and other resources.