Eat Drink Men


Eat Drink Men is a social media campaign celebrating men of all shapes, sizes, and colors and our vices. The campaign features photography with a fundraising goal in mind. Although it is in its early stages, Eat Drink Men aspires to fundraise for organizations like Feeding America, supporting the 42 million Americans facing hunger in the US.

Find an FAQ and contact form below this picture of a dude eating cereal.

Find Eat Drink Men on Instagram and Facebook! @eatdrinkmen

Find Eat Drink Men on Instagram and Facebook! @eatdrinkmen



At first, I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to feature men and food on a page? Surely tons of people would like that!" After a bit of reflection and a glass of whiskey, I realized I was probably just hungry and horny. It needed something significant behind it.

Why Feeding America?

Read about Feeding America's history, check their responsibility ratings and annual reports, and know that an astonishing 98% of donations raised go directly toward serving people in need.


Dylan is a photographer in Seattle, WA. He has a history of volunteering and working for nonprofits and LGBTQ-oriented institutions. In high school, he and his best friend founded the school district's first Gay-Straight Alliance and has since been involved in progressive political campaigns, HIV/AIDS organizations, and generally trying to do good by way of his daily work.

Do you know what you're doing?

In life? Hardly. In terms of social media, project management, nonprofit nonsense, and creative ventures, perhaps. When and if Eat Drink Men takes off, he'll likely need help like with math and laws and when he needs to calm down from a caffeine high.

What happens to any money you raise?

Eat Drink Men plans to launch prints from its photoshoots, branded merch, and obviously a 2018 calendar. Any money generated on behalf of Eat Drink Men will be donated to Feeding America - all of it. A fully-transparent paper trail will be available at every stop, mainly because I want everyone involved to be excited about the progress.

You're not taking any of the money?

Nope! I'm a photographer by choice, which means I like income instability and extreme highs and lows of self-confidence. That aside, I'm fortunate enough to be in the position to even do something like this, and we can all do more for each other - especially in Trump's America. If you see my photos that don't have butts and food in them and want to hire me, you can do that, too.

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