7 Seattle Photographers Share Their Favorite Pride 2017 Images Just in Time for 2018 Festivities

A fellow photographer friend messaged me and asked what I thought about reaching out to local photographers and doing a throwback of Pride photos. I asked a few questions, and about fifteen minutes later had sent out messages calling for photos.

Just in time for Pride 2018 festivities, here are 7 Seattle photographers' favorite photos from last year's Pride celebrations and a little bit about themselves. Check out their favorite 2017 Pride photos, where to find them this year, and links to their portfolios.

Here's to some amazing events, community, and photography this month. In no particular order...

Nate Gowdy

2017 Seattle Pride Parade_High-Res (Credit- Nate Gowdy)-090 copy.jpg
This frame from last year’s Seattle Pride Parade just sticks with me. It’s a pure, in-your-face visual representation of what Pride is all about, Love and Visibility, and also what it’s very much become, Corporate, as the two young women embracing each other march with T-Mobile, the parade’s largest sponsor. While some in the community can’t see past the influence of corporate branding at today’s festivities, for me it’s all about the kids and the impact the energy of the day has on them. As I run up and down the parade route snapping photos, there’s nothing better than getting to see all the glowing faces and the fluidity of gender expression of the next generation. Every year the Pride parade is my favorite event to photograph, and this time will be my eighth as its official photog. We still have so much work ahead, but there’s equally as much to celebrate, and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of it all. See you there!
— Nate

Instagram: @nategowdy

Website: www.nategowdy.com

Chris Schanz

My shots are from Bacon Strip: Pride! from last year. Bacon Strip was honoring gay bars of years past in Seattle, a subject close to my heart - as we see a sea of change in our community happening in front of our eyes. Honor the lessons of the past as we move forward together! Plus - DonnaTella Howe rocks!

I’ll be photographing at Queer/Bar M/X Friday/Saturday the 15-16, 22-23, and the Mini Bacon Strip at the Pride Fest Sunday, the 24th!
— Chris

Kingmon Creative (Amanda & Megan)

seattlepride kingmoncreative.jpeg
This will forever be one of my favorite pride photos we’ve taken. It’s not particularly creative, or amazing genius photography, or of some semifamous celebrity that rolled through. What really speaks to me is the message and the people in it. Especially with growing up in an extremely religious household, this photo always sticks out to me, and reminds me that we don’t have to abandon or be divided by our spiritual beliefs. Its been very comforting for me. I love the message on the banner, and the vibrant colors, and the fact that you can see the passion on the people’s faces.

Where we’re shooting!
Friday Night: Rapture Pride @Kremwerk
Saturday Night: Kings/Kiss off Pride @Kremwerk
— Kingmon

Dylan M. Austin

This shot is from Cuff’s Sunday block party last year. That’s Terri Nunn from the group, Berlin. During their wildly popular ”Take My Breath Away,” Terri had her backup dancers carry her off the stage and through the audience, grabbing hands, and singing directly to her fans.

Events at Cuff constantly remind me of the generational crossovers between those who frequent the club. This year is Cuff’s 25th Anniversary, and you’ll see patrons who remember the first one to those who are coming for the first time. When I shoot at the Cuff, my goal is to represent all body types, color, ages, etc.. it’s also where I tend to use my ASL most frequently.

Cuff was also the first Pride gig I ever had, which has lead to a packed schedule this year and even photographing Las Vegas pride last year. It will always be a significant moment for so many reasons.

You can find me photographing and/or reporting on several Five Senses Reeling events (Stand Up For Pride, BTW Pride), Pridefest on Broadway, Trans Pride at Cal Anderson Park, and Cuff’s Block Party Saturday and Sunday this season.
— Dylan

Alex Garland

As difficult as it was to choose a single photo from my cover story in the 2017 Pride issue of Seattle Weekly, I went with the shot of Oscar Rodriguez. Oscar owns the best Mexican restaurant on Beacon Hill, Baja Bistro, and in putting a piece of himself into what he does, has turned it into an oasis for the queer community in the neighborhood I call home.

When asked to do the story for the Seattle Weekly, I immediately understood that as a straight, cis, white male, this was going to be a big responsibility and an even bigger honor. My goal was to amplify unique voices in the LGBTQ community who are putting in the work and making an impact. The photo, and in turn the larger story, puts a face and name to community members who use their unique experiences to enrich the lives of others. You can see the entire piece here... (http://www.seattleweekly.com/tag/profiles-in-pride/)

I’ll be all over the city this month, shooting multiple Pride events. Say hi if you see me!
— Alex

S.B. Hopper

Brighter Future (1 of 1).jpg
This was my favorite photo from Pride 2017 because as an aspiring documentary photographer, I’m usually trying to get a photo or photos to tell that elusive narrative. I think I got close with this one, even though I did a terrible job with the exposure. I can be pretty cynical, but seeing these people, especially the child, participating in or supporting Pride gave me a nice boost of optimism.

I’ll admit it. For a long time I didn’t get the significance of Pride. I recognized the tremendous importance of full equality, but I looked at Pride as the big gay party. I wasn’t thinking about Pride’s relationship to the Stonewall Inn and repression, its reminder that moving backward isn’t acceptable, and its enthusiastic affirmation of everyone’s right to dignity, respect, and equal treatment. I finally started thinking about those aspects of Pride in DC. I lived along DC’s Pride parade route before moving to Seattle. I liked seeing how closely linked those neighborhoods were to Pride. I liked finding that same spirit in Capitol Hill and Seattle. (The gayborhoods are always the best places to live. Sorry for rambling on.)

I haven’t got any specific plans for shooting photos this year. I’ll be out and about, though, so please say hello.
— Scott

Max Shaw

It’s not anything spectacular, but it captures the essence of 2017 Pride and what it meant for me. It was my first Pride as an active, visible member of the Seattle queer community and my first Pride celebrating with all of my performer friends. This was backstage at the VIP Beer Garden, with Strawberry owning all of her weirdo excellence. Laughter, unapologetic queerness, and a momentary respite from the noise of life are moments worth celebrating all year round.
— Max

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