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I must open this post with a warning that I did not get - Antony is a mess. A funny, sassy, uncensored mess.

We met through another Tony Tramp's model and it seemed fitting that I shoot him as well. After a short walk, we arrived at this tennis court with awesome, contrasty shadows and a patched-up wall that made for the perfect setting for my guilty pleasure - white Calvin Klein undies and muscles. 

Check out our photos below, and after that, pick up a Petty tank or a Future is Femme crop-top. Click here to shop Tony Tramp designs.

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Tell us about you!

I was born in Vietnam. I lived there till the age of 11 until my parents thought I was too gay for the town so they shipped me away to Singapore. That was where I went to high school and made friends with some amazing people. Then when I turned 17 my parents thought I got too gay for Singapore and Asia altogether so once again they shipped me away but this time to America, Seattle to be exact.

Why Seattle? And how has it been treating you so far?

My sister came to Seattle 6 months before I did and she loved it here, so my parents insisted that we live in the same city (read: I didn’t have a choice). Not until when I came and experienced it myself. Seattle has the gloomiest days the coldest (Seattle) freeze, but also the freshest air, the bluest skies, and the cutest boys. Well, not as cute as LA boys but for the PNW, it’s doing just fine.

Advice on how to deal with Seattle freeze: look cute, dress well, act like you’re not interested, but when you finally get their attention, get this just to prepare yourself. 

What is Tony Tramp and what are your favorite designs?

Tony Tramp is a clothing brand that I’m lucky to be apart of. It is brand for people who likes to express themselves loudly and proudly through minimalist designs. My faves definitely are: #Felicia, Molly Made Me Do It, Petty, and The Future is Femme.

What are you excited about next?

Circuit parties &
Muscle daddies &
Boy toys &
Rosé &
Small talks &
Having some ***** in my mouth. Xoxo

You can find Antony on Instagram at @antonytran and Tony Tramp at @tonytrampofficial.

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