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It was in a dark room...

It was in a dark room that Dylan fell in love with photography. After years of Polaroids and point-and-shoots, Dylan manually rolled and developed film and his hands smelled like fixer for months.

That experience and a fantastic old-school photography teacher solidified this love of capturing moments and developing them for Dylan, who then spent over ten years exploring digital photography as a hobby.

Then, the requests started coming in. "How much would you charge to do senior portraits?" With no solid answer to this question, Dylan fell into this on-and-off side business. After a few years of climbing the corporate ladder (ugh), he decided to drop everything and pursue photography full time in a blind move of passion.

Dylan has photographed seniors, engagements, couples, kids, real estate, drag queens, musicians, products, nudes and boudoir, and business headshots. Amid the variety and desire to explore new ventures, there has always been a passion to push the envelope and explore a sex-positive, body-positive, LGBTQ-centric perspective in his work.

The goal Dylan has in all his sessions is to balance a desire for quality in the end result, and having a good f&$*#@! time doing it.

Behind the Scenes

Dylan has been working in Photoshop for about 15 years now - creating graphics, editing photos, and making too many memes. Over that time, he has developed a clean but dynamic style. With techniques like frequency separation and armed with a Wacom tablet and custom actions, Dylan cleans up complexion, whitens teeth, brightens eyes, and cleans up flyaways. His goal is to always enhance the image without body modification and unrealistically over-doing it.

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Dylan shoots on a few Canon bodies, usually the 5D Mark III, with a few prime lenses and a big ol' 70-200 by Tamron. Both of his closets are full of more lighting, still, audio and video gear than clothing. However, he prefers to shoot with as little equipment as possible, focusing more on the connection than the equipment.


The following brands have used Dylan's photography in ads, on social media, or in other visual publications:

Magazine, Album Covers, Artist Merch

The Experience

Dylan had me laughing and feeling at ease within moments of meeting him. He gave great direction and made the process not only painless, but fun. He’s an incredible photographer and I’m so happy with the results!
— Jill
Dylan is brilliant! Literally within one minute of my decision to get a professional Real Estate headshot there was absolutely no doubt who I was going to call.
— Ritchie
Dylan is absolutely the most amazing photographer ever! He had such a magical style that puts you at ease in seconds. I hate getting pics and he made me feel like a rock star! He has a terrific eye and will have you laughing. His sessions are more like meeting with an old friend than work.
— Stephanie
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